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Read about our range of services in serious games, analytics and gamification. 

Serious Games

Serious games or applied games are video games designed for a primary purpose other than entertainment. In 2021, the serious game market is valued at $6bn, focusing on behaviour change. 

At Game Doctor, we specialize in serious games for mobile. Since 2016, we have developed >10 serious games for education, research, public health and wellness industries. 

Relevant applications: Public health interventions, Behaviour change projects, social good projects, patient awareness.


E-learning technology are excellent tools for training and education. Before COVID-19, 77% of US businesses were already using e-learning for employees. For medical education, students see e-learning as more flexible.  

We have great experience designing e-learning applications for STEM and public health. Working with subject matter experts we create engaging content powered by analytics for assessment. 

Relevant applications: Employee training, Medical education, Patient training.

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Gamification is use of game elements in non-game environments to improve user experience. A example of gamification is the addition of badges and rewards to training software.   The gamification market is valued at $10bn (2020) and is growing massively since COVID-19. 

At Game Doctor, we work with universities and companies to create innovative gamification applications based on their existing resources. 

Relevant applications: Staff and patient training, Behaviour change technology

Off the shelf 

Game Doctor offers a range of 'off the shelf' or template software. 

Our template software is an excellent solution for gamification projects that need to be developed and implemented quickly.


We offer templates for popular formats including quiz games, puzzle games and action (shoot em up) games. Get your game in three easy steps: 1) Pick your template; 2) Pick your design; 3) Pick your analytics. 

Relevant applications: Marketing, Advisory Board meetings, Public Engagement 

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We understand better than anyone that launching a new game project can be pretty daunting.  


Developing an initial prototype is a great way to validate concepts, and test ideas with your users.  We have helped many organisations test the feasibility of their game through prototype software. 

Relevant applications: Discovery projects, Research Projects, Start ups.


We use smart analytics to collect innovative behavioral data on players. 


Game analytics monitor engagement and behaviour change in your users. Using techniques in psychology, we work with clients to design meaningful analytics to support their applications. 

Relevant applications: Public health interventions, Behaviour change projects, social good projects, patient awareness.



It was a pleasure to work with Game Doctor, the project ran smoothly, the team at the Game Doctor was organised and helpful during the development process. We are delighted with the final game, which is engaging and fun and fits our target audience. 

Professor Paul Hoskisson, University of Strathclyde