Remedy Quest Dev Diary - User Interface Updates


Last year, we received Innovate UK funding to prototype a mobile game to educate teenagers on COVID-19. Due to the exciting results of this pilot, we are updating the game to focus on improving engagement with vaccines.

You can follow the update journey in these development diaries.

UI update takes focus for July

As we progress through our big gameplay update, we wanted to ensure our current users still have a good experience.

To improve their experience during this transition phase, we decided to focus on improving the game UI to help players navigate more easily to different parts of the game. The UI update focused on skill tree screen, tutorial and main game buttons.

Main menu UI update (Remedy Quest)

Data-driven design for UI update

Game Doctor is a science-driven game studio and we use data obtained from our game analytics to inform future design updates.

Our game data from the prototype showed us that >50% of players were not visiting the skill tree scene, or upgrading their remedies and vaccine.

To solve this challenge, we have updated the UI in game to help players navigate straight to skill tree after each level.

We have also updated the UI for the skill tree itself, to help players toggle between remedies more easily.

Vaccine skill tree scene (Remedy Quest)

You asked - we listened

Another part of our UI updates was inspired and informed by our player feedback on Google Play. Some of our players were having difficulties deploying remedies and the vaccine.

To solve this challenge, we updated the UI and buttons for our remedies - making them easier to deploy and use.

Updated UI for main game (Remedy Quest)

  • You can download the new UI update of Remedy Quest from Google Play here.

  • You can watch the trailer for Remedy Quest here.

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