Pandemic Game Launched with Cambridge Institute


Scientists from Babraham Institute developed a simulation to map infection spread and transmission across populations. To improve education and engagement on vaccines, they were tasked with converting the simulation into a digital game. The game had to be user friendly, fun to play and accessible to school students.

The Game

The Babraham Institute engaged Game Doctor to develop a digital game based on their scientific simulation. User research with students across Cambridge was carried out to help inform the design. The game was designed as a story-based pandemic simulator, inspired by Plague Inc and Pandemic.

Players must manage different pandemics (caused by different viruses) by controlling quarantine and travel measures, social distancing and vaccination rates. The game is powered by the original simulation developed by Babraham, meaning that scores accurately depicts the players' pandemic.

Developed on Unity engine, game prototypes were tested with students during development.


The game is being released by Babraham Institute at the ORION Conference on September 27th 2021. After release, game analytics will be used to measure player engagement across the world.


By translating the simulation into a digital game, our client will:

➡️ Reach diverse learners and audiences

➡️ Boost engagement

➡️ Increase positive impact in society

Game Doctor are expert game designers that translate complex topics using gaming technology.

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