Game Doctor joins forces with Public Health England to develop health games

Game Doctor has collaborated with Gloucestershire College and Public Health England to launch a new project for the development of public health games. Game development students at Gloucestershire College are working with the Game Doctor team and scientists at Public Health England to develop a suite of prototype games on important public health topics.

This innovative project follows a training session that was carried out this summer with Public Health England scientists. Game Doctor provided bespoke training where scientists were taught the principles of game design and development. Scientists were then challenges to design their own games and came up with 6 unique game concepts on vaccination, STI’s, air pollution, public health diseases, metagenomics and hand hygiene.

Project aimed to develop digital games to improve understanding of vaccines

Game development students have expanded the concepts into full game proposals and will be developing these over the next 4 months. Game Doctor is leading on product management and development to ensure all deliverables are met in the tight timeline provided.

The students have focused on the topics of vaccinations, air pollution and STI’s and aim to have six different mini-games completed by March 2020. The vaccination games will be priority for this pilot project, with a team of scientists at PHE leading the content and educational messages.

These mini-games will be tested in high schools across Gloucestershire and exhibited by Public Health England at The Big Bang Fair.

Public Health England aim to install these games in their new visitor centre at Harlow and use these products to educate and engage the public on public health.

Stay tuned for progress on the games and project.

Game design session at Public Health England

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