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Remedy Quest

Remedy Quest is a mobile strategy game funded by Innovate UK. The game educates players on vaccines and viruses, improving health literacy and learning on COVID-19.

Players battle against viruses using vaccines, immune system and remedies. Through engaging and addictive mechanics, players learn how viruses infect, how they are treated and how vaccines work.


Remedy Quest Features

Remedy Quest Data

Remedy Quest was released on Apple and Google Play to UK and US. Game analytics data was used to measure player engagement and learning behaviours.

The game was designed in partnership with scientists from University of Glasgow, University of Stirling and Queens University Belfast. The game was tested with students across the UK during development.

8000+ unique players from > 5 countries. 

800+ gameplay hours recorded in 3 months

>60% of players used vaccine remedy effectively

Key findings from data:

  • >80% of sessions were completed successfully (all covid defeated)

  • >60% of players used vaccines correctly during gameplay

  • >90% of players completed  educational tutorial 

  • Players' favourite remedies were monoclonal antibodies and virus blockers.



"Remedy Quest game is an effective tool for educating students on Covid-19 infection and treatment without them even realising that they are learning. The graphics are beautiful and the game is really engaging encouraging players to think and strategise."

Science Lead, Nova Hreod Academy


Gamification platform for pandemic management -->

Virus Fighter

The Challenge

Scientists from Babraham Institute created a simulation for pandemic modelling. To improve education for young people, they needed to convert the simulation into an engaging experience that is user friendly and fun. The final product was to be delivered in schools for 12-15 year olds. 

The Solution 

To improve engagement, the team designed a strategy-based pandemic management game (Virus Fighter) inspired by Plague Inc and Pandemic. Using decision-based mechanics, players must manage different pandemics across country. Players devise their own strategies using infection control and vaccination actions.  Personalized feedback is provided based on effectiveness of strategy. The game was designed using a co-creation process, with scientists, educators and students.


Virus Fighter was developed using Unity game engine. Pandemic modeling was based on simulation developed by Babraham Institute.  Virus Fighter was published as a web game using WebGL and AWS Amplify technologies. Unity services and AWS was used for analytics and data processing. 


Virus Fighter was launched online in November 2021 by Babraham Institute using social media and stakeholders. The game received >500 unique players during launch week, with users located across the globe. Data shows good engagement from users, with over 100 hours of gameplay recorded. Schools are also using Virus Fighter as an educational tool on science and pandemics. The project has received additional sponsorship from British Infection Society, with updates booked for 2022.

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Getting research into the community ->

Doctor Dirt

A key objective for UK universities is to demonstrate impact in the community. One strategy is to engage the public with research to promote behaviour change.

The Hoskisson group from University of Strathclyde, aimed to develop a digital game to disseminate their research on antibiotics across the UK.


Doctor Dirt is a mobile simulation game that involves the community in antibiotic development. Players take on the role of scientists and search for new antibiotics in the environment.


Developed for -->

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Funded By -->

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Data on Dr. Dirt

Used in >10 countries globally 

500 users for British Science Week 2021

Rated 4* on Apple App Store 


It was a pleasure to work with the Game Doctor, the project ran smoothly, the team at the Game Doctor was organised and helpful during the development process. We are delighted with the final game, which is engaging and fun and fits our target audience. 

Professor Paul Hoskisson

University of Strathclyde


Empathy training with a conversational chatbot ->


Contact is a text-based RPG game  developed to train players to be more empathetic towards others during the pandemic. Game Doctor was commissioned by University of Scotland to develop Contact during COVID-19, to give players insight into unique challenges faced by different individuals.

Qualitative research is being conducted by UWS Serious Game department to evaluate how much Contact improves empathy in players.


Data on Contact

Scientific study ongoing to measure player benefits


In collaboration with scientists in Scotland, Game Doctor developed a card battle and quiz game on bacteria and antibiotics. 


Game Doctor was commissioned by Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge to develop an innovative e-learning game on genetics research. 

Game Doctor was commissioned by University of Aberdeen to develop a suite of arcade games to raise awareness on fungal diseases.  

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