About Game Doctor

Learn about the team and our method for game development

Company Introduction

Game Doctor is a Scottish gamification agency creating innovative technology for education and behaviour change.  Established in 2016, our specialities include mobile games, e-learning and behavioural analytics. 

Video games are the most ubiquitous form of entertainment in society, with over 2.5 billion players globally. Our mission is to harness this technology to engage difficult to reach audiences and promote positive change.

We are a collaborative company, and adopt a co-creation model for development of technology. As well as being innovation driven, we also understand the importance of efficiency, and implement industry-standard project management methods for all digital projects. 

Our ambition for impact and passion for games shape the inner culture of the business.  We welcome projects of all shapes and sizes, and look forward to working with you.


Released 20+ Games and Apps Since 2016

Innovate UK award for COVID-19 response funding

Over 100,000 players since 2016

Our Method

1. Iterative Game Design

Game Doctor adopt an agile methodology for game development. We use a six-stage process for game development, validated from over 20 projects and 6 years of work. 


All of our products are data-driven and led by user testing and research.


We use a co-creation model for development, working with subject matter experts and clients to develop effective gamification technology. 


Applications are published on App Stores or deployed as web applications using Amazon Web Services. 

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2. Smart Analytics 


We use smart analytics to measure player engagement and outcomes.  

Games provide interactive environments which simulate real-life challenges. Game analytics allow us to measure how players respond to these challenges.

Clients can choose basic analytics packages that focus on player uptake, or advanced packages that look at multiple events to measure behaviour change. 

This is a game-changer for behaviour change and health projects as it provides real-time and organic data.  

This service provides valuable data for our customers and stakeholders to measure KPIs and evidence ROI to funders.

3. Innovative data insights 

Data generated by our smart analytics is exported from Unity, cleaned and analysed on Amazon Web Services. We supply clients with this data throughout campaigns, which is delivered as raw data files or outcome reports.

To measure behaviour change, we create innovative profiles for users, which combined gaming data with open source data to tell unique stories.


Technology Stack

Game Development Technology


Analytics and Data Technology

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"Using game analytics for research in psychology, especially in behaviour change has given me a completely new and unique perspective on the research possibilities. Being able to see how my participants act within in the game has enabled me to draw conclusion on their behaviour in the real world"


Dr Pamela Rackow, Lecturer in Psychology


<-- About Founder & CEO

Dr Carla Brown

Game Doctor was founded in 2016 by scientist and gamification researcher, Carla Louise Brown, PhD. After working in public health and education, Carla identified a need for accessible and measureable platforms for health engagement.

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The Team

Game Doctor team is made up of scientists, creatives and developers. We also work with a range of freelancers who support wider projects.

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Front End Developer ->

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Shannon Carvalho

Greg Price

Lorna van der Stighelen

Anthony Lewis

With a background in media and communications (MSc), Shannon manages our social platforms and creates exciting  campaigns for projects and products. 

15+ years in software development. Expertise on wellbeing applications and Apple Watch. Supports iOS and Android projects at Game Doctor

Digital artist with 10+ years experience. Supports concept art and 2D art development at Game Doctor.

Game developer with 20+ years experience. Supports game projects using Unity game engine.