Remedy Quest: Game Development Diary

Updated: Aug 12

Last year, we received Innovate UK funding to prototype a mobile game to educate teenagers on COVID-19. Due to the exciting results of this pilot, we are now updating the game to focus on improving engagement and acceptance of vaccines.

You can follow the update journey in these development diaries.

Game Story

"The Mystic Wood is dying. Poisonous creatures have drifted in an ill wind and are inflecting the forest. Working with the Guardians, guide fledgling Spirits to collect information on this mysterious enemy. Employ Remedies to protect the Spirits as they venture through the forest, make discoveries about the enemies, and deliver their insights to the Sage, who has the power to cleanse the Mystic Wood."

Development Diary

Game Play Updates

This week, the team have been refocusing the game design to be more fantastic, but in a style that reinforces the underlaying educational concepts.

One of the biggest bits of feedback we received in version 1, was that there wasn't enough variety to the gameplay.

Here's how we plan to address this:

  • Double the number of Remedies.

  • Make each Remedy's gameplay mechanic distinct

  • More diversity in enemy behavior

  • Each level will have more diverse enemies and challenges

Our key goal is also to streamline the gameplay mechanics for virus replication, while adding depth and variety. In the new system, your goal is to defend the Spirits from being infected.

Instead of defending a static base, now you are defending our spirit characters from being infected as the move through the forest (which is metaphor for the lungs).

Remedy Quest - gameplay update.

User Interface Updates

Our second goal was to unify the overall UI scheme. This will improve the experience for our players, and unite all of the different screens in the game.

We're working on a overall, modern style and apply it to all of the screens for more unified experience.

This week we have focused on the main menu, improving player access to the game and the research/upgrade screen.

Remedy Quest - UI update.

We will be releasing development updates bimonthly so please subscribe to follow the story.

  • You can download the current version of Remedy Quest from Google Play here.

  • You can watch the trailer for Remedy Quest here.

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