Game Doctor partners on antibiotic game with Scottish University

Updated: Jul 6, 2021


Game Doctor has released a new game in collaboration with University of Strathclyde. Dr Dirt is an educational game for iOS and web, that teaches players on how antibiotics are discovered. The game was released during British Science Week 2021 as an online campaign. The game can be downloaded for free, and has been used by over 10 countries worldwide.


Dr. Dirt is a brand new game from Game Doctor, designed to convey an important message - "finding new antibiotics is not easy".

Game Doctor partnered with the Hoskisson research lab at University of Strathclyde to design this serious game on antibiotics. The Hoskisson Lab secured research funding to develop an educational tool for teenagers, to improve understanding and awareness on antibiotic development.

Inspired by their research and work, the game takes players on a journey of scientific discovery. On a mission to find new antibiotics, players search the ocean and soil for new medicines, while learning about the equipment and science involved.

Players keep track of their progress in their 'Antibiotic Database’ where they can collect up tp 12 different antibiotics, ranging from penicillin to aurodoxin.

Players search the environment for new medicines.


Due to the pandemic, the game was launched as part of an online campaign during British Science Week, and will be used at face-face events in 2022.

The game was played by over 500 people from >5 countries during British Science Week (equating to >3 days of gameplay). The game is being used in UK (60% of players); US (15%) players. Game will be updated in 2021/22 to include more levels, more antibiotics and more content.

Hoskisson Lab

"It was a pleasure to work with the Game Doctor, the project ran smoothly, the team at the Game Doctor was organised and helpful during the development process. We are delighted with the final game, which is engaging and fun and fits our target audience.”

Game Access:

  • Download the game from Apple here

  • Try the web-based game here


The project was funded by BBSRC, Royal Academic of Engineering and Hoskisson Lab.

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