Our Method

The future of health is digital and personalised.

Learn how Game Doctor games and analytics promotes positive outcomes

Agile game development

Game Doctor adopt an agile methodology for game development, involving rapid prototyping and iterative development.


All of our products are data-driven and led by user testing and research.

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Despite the challenging timeline, the team managed to deliver the game on time and the support afterwards was excellent as well, as we adapted the game to different platforms.


Public Engagement Manager
University of Aberdeen




We provide interactive environments (games)which simulate real-life challenges.

Our games are supported by analytics which measure how players respond to challenges in the virtual world.

Our service generates digital product + valuable data for our customers and stakeholders.


"Using game analytics for research in psychology, especially in behaviour change has given me a completely new and unique perspective on the research possibilities. Being able to see how my participants act within in the game has enabled me to draw conclusion on their behaviour in the real world"


Dr Pamela Rackow, Lecturer in Psychology

Behavioural data from game analytics

Gaming behaviour is an innovative way to understand how different demographics respond to different situations and challenges. 

To measure behaviour change, we create 'player profiles' for our audiences, which combine gaming data with external data to tell unique stories.



Game Doctor data also lends itself to be extended by your in-house data science, to benefit from a broader perspective without sharing regulated data externally


Read our case study here 

Evidence-based research


Our method is validated by research in gamification and behaviour change psychology.

Game Doctor also participate and feature in scholarly research in health gamification and behaviour change.


By advancing gamification research, we can develop better solutions for our partners and customers.

Oxford Research with Nintendo finds link between mental health and playing Animal Crossing as published by The Guardian ->