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Killer Fungus Series

In 2016, Game Doctor was commissioned by University of Aberdeen to develop two educational games on fungi. The mobile games were designed as ‘arcade’ games inspired by Space Invaders and Super Mario platformer games.

The games were exhibited at a wide range of science festivals including Royal Society Summer Exhibition (2016) and were installed as a permanent exhibit at Aberdeen Science Centre.


Both games were released on Google Play and iTunes for tablets, iPads and smartphones.
Over 100,000 people have played the games since 2016.


Our Partners on the Killer Fungus Series

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Data on Killer Fungus

Used by over 100,000 players in 2017

Exhibited at 5 science festivals for 2016-2019

Feature project for University of Aberdeen REF case study

Featured in Research

Deaths per annum due to fungal
infections are greater than the global
mortality due to malaria, breast or prostate cancer, and are similar to that
inflicted by tuberculosis or HIV.

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Despite the challenging timeline, the team managed to deliver the game on time and the support afterwards was excellent as well, as we adapted the game to different platforms. All together it was a really great experience with a highly professional team. Fungal Invaders is still being played at Aberdeen Science Centre as a retro-style arcade game.


Public Engagement Manager, University of Aberdeen