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We use proven techniques in gaming and psychology theory to boost engagment with health.

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Remedy Quest

Remedy Quest is a mobile game developed to improve young peoples' skills in reducing spread of coronavirus, and reduce anxiety during pandemic.

Design of all features in the game was informed by extensive user research and testing.


The game provides a positive place for young people to learn about coronavirus, and how to prevent it. Players win the game by preventing coronavirus infection. This gamed was realised with funding from Innovate UK.


Our Partners on Remedy Quest

The game was designed in partnership with scientists from University of Glasgow, University of Stirling and Queens University Belfast and was funded by Innovate UK rapid response funding for COVID-19.

Data on Remedy Quest

1000 player profiles evaluated

300 installs/week during soft launch

Active users in > 5 countries globally

To measure effectiveness of game, custom analytics were designed to measure players' individual responses in preventing coronavirus infection and spread.

 Player profiles over 30 day period (right) showed improved skills in virus prevention by measuring "number of COVID defeated" and "number of positive behaviours" per day for each player.



"The Remedy Quest game is an effective tool for educating students on Covid-19 infection and treatment without them even realising that they are learning how infectious disease cause harm and how our body responds and how we can fight the infection. The graphics are beautiful and the game is really engaging encouraging players to think and strategise."


Science Lead, Nova Hreod Academy

Empathy training with a conversational chatbot ->


Contact is a text-based RPG game  developed to train players to be more empathetic towards others during the pandemic. Game Doctor was commissioned by University of Scotland to develop Contact during COVID-19, to give players insight into unique challenges faced by different individuals.

Qualitative research is being conducted by UWS Serious Game department to evaluate how much Contact improves empathy in players.


Data on Contact

Funded by Scottish Government CSO fund


Standard analytics used to measure uptake in UK

Scientific study ongoing to measure player benefits

Getting research into the community ->

Doctor Dirt

A key objective for UK universities is to demonstrate impact in the community. One strategy to deliver impact is to engage the public with research in order to raise science capital in communities, termed 'public engagement'. 

The Hoskisson group from University of Strathclyde, aimed to develop a digital game to disseminate their research across the UK.


Doctor Dirt is an interactive strategy game that gamifies the process of antibiotic discovery in the environments. Players take on the role of scientists and search for new antibiotics in the environment.


Developed for -->

strathclyde uni.jpg

Funded By -->

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Data on Doctor Dirt

UK uptake being monitored through standard analytics

Game launched December 2020

Learn by battling bacteria  —>

Bacteria Combat

Antibiotic resistance is a global health problem. To reduce this issue, this game encourages 'safe use' of antibiotics by educating on resistant bacteria. Young people are great target, as the future users of new antibiotics.


Training the next generation of scientists —>

Science Investigator

To help students learn about scientific enquiry, Game Doctor was commissioned by Gurdon Institute at University of Cambridge to develop a digital game that was released to campuses and students.

Arcade games take fungi on tour —>

Killer Fungus series

Killer Fungus are a series of arcade games developed for University of Aberdeen to raise the profile of the fungal research.

These games have toured the world and played by over 100,000 people.

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