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Game Doctor work with global partners to create impactful technology for education, engagement and behaviour change ->


Game Doctor were organised, engaged, professional and extremely experienced in their field, producing an incredibly high standard product on time.

Project Manager, Public Health England



Serious Games 

We develop meaningful games for impact and behaviour change. 

Off the Shelf

We provide cost effective & validated games using template technology.


We create e-learning solutions for education, training and research.


We help partners prototype and test serious game ideas.


We use gamification principles to design meaningful software. 


We provide valuable insights on players using our smart analytics.


It was a pleasure to work with Game Doctor, the project ran smoothly. We are delighted with the final game, which is engaging and fun and fits our target audience.

Principal Investigator

University of Strathclyde


Our Latest Game -->

Remedy Quest

Game Doctor was awarded Innovate UK funding to develop a mobile game for young people on COVID-19.

In 2020, we developed a beta game to educate players on COVID-19 infection, with the goal being to improve compliance with infection prevention behaviours. 


Due to the success of the beta, we are updating the game to target the consumer market. 


Our design method for serious games --> 

The Game Doctor Method

1. Iterative
Game Design

Game Doctor design principles are informed by user research and scientific research.  We use rapid prototyping and co-creation to develop games that engage target audience and promote behaviour change.


2. Smart Analytics

Game Doctor analytics help you track and measure behaviour change in your target audience. Supported by psychology frameworks, our analytics measure effectiveness of game intervention.

3. Real-time data

Player data is segmented, based on demographics, and analysed using external datasets from clients and partners. Profiles allow us to evaluate player behaviour change over time, without need of any personal identifiable information.


In The Press -->

Founded in 2015, Game Doctor projects have been featured in leading science and news publications.

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